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Our waste transportation service is available throughout the entire province of Vicenza in particular and in northern and central Italy, and also in some areas of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Cleaning/unblocking operations are performed mainly in the Vicenza area.
Transportation of waste

Transportation of waste

Vallortigara Angelo performs interventions that are effective, safe and timely in all situations. Its modern vehicles and equipment used for the transportation of liquid and solid wastes are available 24 hours a day and are operated by groups of highly-skilled technicians. The synergy and collaboration with the waste disposal plant of the subsidiary firm Vallortigara Servizi Ambientali allows for the management of the complete waste processing operation without requiring the support of external companies.

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Hiring bins and containers

Vallortigara Angelo offers a rental service with a stock of about 500 waste-storage containers (capacities from 1 to 30 cu.m). The service includes 1-cu.m crates, containers for lead-acid batteries, and 13, 20 and 30-cu.m bins, also provided with lids. Clients may also purchase 200-litre drums and 'big bags' (also with UN approval) for the storage of different types of waste.

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Cleaning and unblocking

Experience and the availability of excellent technical facilities and equipment make Vallortigara Angelo an obvious point of reference for the purging and unblocking of septic tanks, cesspools, sewer systems and pipelines. Technical support and technicians are available on a 24-24 basis, ensuring an effective service and rapid intervention for all requirements. The quality of the service, aimed at private clients and public authorities, is augmented by the highly professional approach of the firm's staff, who respond promptly and effectively in all situations.

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Video inspections

Vallortigara Angelo makes sure its fleet of vehicles is regularly updated to comply with the most advanced technology. Amongst other additions, the firm's range of vehicles now includes a mobile unit that can perform video inspections of sewerage systems and AutoCAD network tracing and mapping as well as leakage testing and non-destructive testing and restoration of pipelines. The special van is fitted with a specific rotating-head camera for television-video inspections of sewers with DVD image recording.

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Testing of pipelines

Vallortigara Angelo can test pipelines and subsequently verify the absence of leakage in new sewerage systems. Skilled technicians, certified equipment and effective standardized procedures ensure the outcome of all tests. The firm also offers a service for the restoration of pipelines aimed at achieving the complete functional recovery of existing pipes.

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Operations in confined spaces

Vallortigara Angelo personnel is qualified to perform services in confined spaces as they are adequately trained and have at their disposal all of the equipment required to safely intervene in accordance with current regulations. The term "confined space" refers to a restricted environment, with limited access openings and unfavourable natural ventilation, within which significant accidental events may occur leading to serious injury or death.

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Our professional activities are certified, ensuring levels of quality in line with European standards.

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