Testing new systems and the maintenance of existing pipelines

Vallortigara Angelo offers its clients a service for the testing of new pipelines and the verification of the absence of leakage in new sewerage systems with standardized procedures. The pipeline to be tested is divided into sub-sections and placed under pressure using compressed air. Any loss of pressure within a defined time period is then detected and measured with a certified pressure gauge. A positive outcome of tests is recorded if the pressure loss is lower than a predetermined value. Vallortigara Angelo also offers a service for the restoration of pipelines aimed at attaining the complete functional recovery of existing pipes. The use of a mobile unit equipped with a rotating-head camera allows for the inspection of all discharge and collection networks of both 'white water' and 'black water' (sewage) in order to achieve a correct diagnosis of the level of degradation of the same and to plan for any appropriate remedial action.

Certified equipment and qualified personnel

  • Testing operations and verification of the absence of leakage in new sewers
  • Non-destructive restoration of pipelines for the complete recovery of original functionality
  • Use of standardized procedures
  • Certified equipment
  • Intervention of skilled personnel


Our professional activities are certified, ensuring levels of quality in line with European standards.

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